My Air Conditioner Smells Bad - How Do I Fix This

Having an air conditioner that doesn’t work is one thing, however, when your air conditioner is producing a bad smell, that can make you and your family’s living area very uncomfortable. There are several factors that can cause your AC to generate an odd odor. Here’s a list to evaluate where it could possibly be coming from.

Blocked Condensate Line

There’s a drain pan that holds water from your AC unit that includes what’s called a condensate line. This is typically a PVC pipe. Since this pipe is small and sits in an enclosed area created to hold water, this can produce bacterial growth, mildew, and sludge – and with that possible unpleasant smells and clogs canarise.


A Tune-up includes cleaning and clearing the condensate lines and helps ensure proper and continuous operation of the air conditioner. Give us a call to schedule your tune-up appointment now.
Replace the Air Filter
Can’t remember the last time you changed the air filter for your home’s air conditioner? That may also be the source of an odor issue. If the air filter isn’t changed on a regular basis (at least every 30-90 days) this can cause dirt and debris to pile up upon the air filter itself, and that alone will bring out a not-so-nice and musty smell.
Change the air filter and try not to allow your filter to go past 3 months without changing it. If all else fails, just set a reminder (or a few) on your phone to make sure that you get this task done.
Your AC System is Too Big for Your Home
Not all air conditioners are the same. If you happen to have a system that is too big for your home then this could cause your home to get cooler quicker than desired, which may sound great, however, this could also cause excess moisture or humidity in your home.
Speak to your trusted HVAC techs here at FAST of Florida. We can assist with finding the properly sized air conditioning system for your home and provide a free estimate!
If you still don’t know what the issue is with your air conditioner and the smell that is emitting from it, give us a call today at 727-545-8731.