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Great Leak Detection in Tampa is Just a Phone Call Away

Leaky plumbing, pipes, water heaters, faucets and toilets are a hassle for many homeowners. On your own, they might be difficult to pinpoint and time consuming to resolve. In some cases, they could even cause substantial damage to your residence.

You deserve a plumbing service company like FAST of Florida that delivers quality leak detection in Tampa. Our proficient plumbers in Tampa have years of experience in plumbing leak detection, along with comprehensive training and certifications. We use leak detection equipment to swiftly pinpoint the root of the issue, even under walls and ceilings. Then we’ll take care of the issue rapidly to help minimize the chance of additional leaks occuring.

We’re committed to dependable plumbing services. FAST of Florida strives to make the total process as stress-free as possible from beginning to end. It starts with an up-front estimate for required plumbing repairs and continues with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

Give FAST of Florida a call at 727-545-8731 to book your appointment for leak detection services right away. It doesn’t matter what time you require our help, our helpful customer service staff is standing by to handle your call.



3 Hints You Need Skilled Leak Detection

Leaks are typically hard to pinpoint. They often occur in tight spots, like behind walls or under the floor. Water can cause significant damage to your home, not to mention encouraging mold and mildew growth.

Professional leak detection plumbing starts with being aware how and where a leak can form. Here are several hints that you’re experiencing a water leak:

  • Sudden increase in water bill. If there’s a large leak in your residence, you may experience a jump in your water bill. Check it against earlier months and your typical water usage to double-check.
  • Mold and mildew. You could realize there’s water stains on walls or flooring if you have a leak, but mold and mildew are the most apparent. In many cases an area of mold will appear wherever the water is dripping. Mold and mildew are unpleasant and can be hazardous to your health. If you suspect there’s a leak, it’s better to respond without delay to minimize potential damage.
  • Spongy walls and flooring. Another hint that you’re dealing with a leak is soft walls or flooring. In the worst circumstances, water damage may be deep. If it seeps down far enough, it could develop a crack in your foundation. A pro water leak detection company like FAST of Florida can help decrease this chance.

Your home deserves protection from mold and water damage, so why not call the best at FAST of Florida for water leak detection services? Our plumbers will track down the leak quickly and take steps to prevent it from forming again later on.

They have the knowledge to shield your plumbing from leaks, cracks and anything else that can go amiss. Plus, our FAST of Florida services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee,* which means we’ll keep working until you’re happy. So, give us a call at 727-545-8731 to schedule your appointment today!