Unbeatable Coverage with the FAST of Florida Service Warranty

Protect Your Home with Great Service and Great Savings in the Tampa Area. No need to stress-out about your house’s appliances and technology systems again. Get the best, most reliable repair and maintenance service available. Trust FAST of Florida to bring your home’s constant comfort and maintenance, all year. Get coverage now. Complete your selections and fill out the form below.

Included with the FAST of Florida Service Warranty, you receive:
  • Repair service (parts and labor) for covered components
  • Annual A/C and Heating Tune-ups
  • Annual plumbing and electrical inspections
  • Plumbing, electric and air quality service coverage
  • 15% off additional materials
  • Priority Service
  • Emergency Service
  • No after-hours charges, co-pays, or deductibles
  • Additional upgrade incentives
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Imagine Living in a home where everything works perfectly all the time. That reality could be yours with FAST of Florida Service Warranty. With one simple plan, you will be able to keep your essential heating and air conditioning systems tuned-up and running interruption-free. You will also gain coverage for inspections and repairs for your essential electrical, plumbing and household appliances. See why people in the Tampa area are loving their great savings with the FAST of Florida Service Warranty Agreement.

With our exclusive Service Warranty Agreement, you don't have to experience:
  • Miserable nights waiting for an A/C to be repaired
  • Inexperienced and dishonest workmanship
  • Hassle and expense of calling multiple companies
  • Equipment that wears out before it’s time
  • Plumbing problems that could have been avoided
  • Electrical malfunctions that were bound to happen
  • Home appliances that fail to work when you need then the most
  • Long waits for a service technician to show up
  • An air conditioner that breaks down in the heat of the summer
Are you ready for peace of mind, affordable coverage and big savings? If you answered yes, sign up for a coverage survey today by filling out the form below or call us at 727-545-8731.