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Keep the Power on with Premium Home Rewiring in Tampa

Quality household wiring is essential for every home. It provides you with all the conveniences of contemporary life and most importantly, helps keeps you safe from electrocution or electrical fire. Wiring that was installed incorrectly or has become damaged can put your house in harm’s way. You deserve an electrician in Tampa who places your safety and satisfaction as the highest priorities.

Our FAST of Florida electricians have the expertise to properly repair wiring or fully rewire your total house. Once we’re done, you’ll get our 100% satisfaction guarantee.* If there’s something about our work that you’re not pleased with, FAST of Florida will keep at it until it’s taken care of.

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When Should You Replace Electrical Wiring in a House?

A whole-home rewiring might feel like a massive project to undertake. You want to be positive that it’s work your residence will benefit from. Thankfully there are lots of reasons to work with a quality electrician like one from FAST of Florida.

We strongly suggest replacing wiring in residences that are beyond 30 years old, particularly if you’re often overloading breakers or see stains on electrical outlets.

5 Advantages of Replacing Your Home’s Wiring

Here are some other perks of electrical rewiring for your house:

  • Extra outlets. Old residences don’t have a lot of outlets, which means you may be relying on a lot of extension cords. When used wrong, these cords could lead to a fire hazard. Rewiring your home gives you a chance to add much-needed outlets.
  • Better capacity. Older houses often have a smaller electrical capacity, which limits the devices you can use.
  • Defends your house. Aging wiring can be dangerous since it could lead to a fire. A knowledgeable electrician like one at FAST of Florida will follow detailed precautions to confirm a rewiring project is done to code.
  • Improves the value of your home. If your home needs new wiring, it could be difficult to find a buyer. A rewiring project could be what allows you to successfully close a sale.
  • Connects new additions or renovations. If you’re performing major construction on your residence, the differentiation in wiring between old and new sections might create problems. Adding a new addition is a great opportunity to rewire your entire residence to make your electrical system alike from one end to the other.

A whole-home rewiring project is a great solution if your residence is old, you want to sell it or are scheduling major renovations. It also adds a valuable layer of safety. If you want to start your project, give FAST of Florida a call at 727-545-8731 to request a free estimate today!